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Spays and Neuters

One great American pastime is pet ownership.  But still, there are millions of domesticated animals that are homeless.  If your pet has an indiscretion with a pet belonging to a neighbor, pregnancy may result.

Spays and Neuters - Small Dogs and Small Cats

When we first get our new pets, it’s an exciting time. However, it’s important not to fail at the first hurdle as a pet owner. In many cases, you’ll want to have them spayed or neutered. Don’t worry, we’re going to cover everything you need to know in this guide!

What Is Spaying and Neutering?

In short, these are terms used to describe the surgery involved in removing reproductive organs. While we use the word ‘spay’ for female dogs and cats, the technical term is actually an ovariohysterectomy. During surgery, the female will have their uterus and ovaries removed. On the other hand, male dogs and cats undergo a slightly different operation to remove the testes; this is called neutering.

Benefits of Spay and Neuter Surgery

At Home Veterinary Care of Fort Lauderdale, Dr. Vincent Guerrero D.V.M. offers affordable mobile spay or neuter surgery for dogs and cats. Before making a decision, though, look through the benefits of choosing this surgery for your pet friend.

  1. Better Behavior

Generally speaking, pets that have been spayed or neutered are less likely to have behavioral issues. For males, mounting is less common (without neutering, male dogs can mount people, other dogs, and even inanimate objects). For females, sterilization means they no longer enter ‘heat’, a period where regular urination and howling are common. In both genders, you’re also less likely to worry about your pets wandering away from home.

  1. Healthier Life

Although most of the studies looking into the relationship between spaying/neutering and life expectancy involve dogs, it still makes for interesting reading. For example, spayed female dogs can expect to live 26% longer. For neutered dogs, it’s slightly smaller at just under 14% but a huge difference compared to unaltered pets.

  1. Simple Procedure

Finally, as long as you choose a reliable and professional mobile veterinary clinic, the complication rate in this type of surgery is tiny. According to some studies, the mortality rate is as low as 0.03% in services that perform this type of surgery frequently. You can put your pet into the trusty hands of Dr. Vincent Guerrero D.V.M. in the knowledge that complications are rare.

When Should I Spay/Neuter?

You might have noticed that we skipped the question of whether a pet should be spayed or neutered, and this is because it’s necessary for all non-breeding pets. Therefore, the more important question is when? The best time to spay or neuter is before puberty or at 6 months. For those who have adopted an older pet, spaying/neutering may still be an option so don’t panic just yet.

How Does Spaying/Neutering Work?

We have an affordable mobile spay or neuter surgery for dogs and cats, and Dr. Vincent Guerrero D.V.M. is an experienced vet. After ensuring your pet will survive anesthesia, we’ll make a small incision either in front of the scrotum or in the abdomen. From here, we can remove the uterus/ovaries or the testicles.

Thankfully, recovery is quick, and your pet will be back up and running in no time!

For an appointment for the mobile vet to visit your home, text or call 954-609-4811.  Another big advantage is that you don’t have to wait in a crowded waiting room.

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