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Cat and Dog Wellness Exams

Wellness exams for puppies, kittens, as well as adult and elderly dogs and cats including diagnosis and treatment for pets with medical problems, including lab tests, blood and urine analysis, and biopsies.

Cat and Dog Wellness Care

We all want to look after our pets and ensure they live a long and healthy life, right? Although starting as pets, dogs and cats, they quickly become an additional member of the family as we share memories and watch them grow alongside other family members. However, the mentality of most pet owners is to only seek professional care when something goes wrong. At Home Veterinary Care of Fort Lauderdale, a mobile veterinary clinic, Dr. Vincent Guerrero D.V.M. wants to change this mindset and switch the focus to wellness and preventative care too.

Have you ever been to a dog physical exam? A cat physical exam? Any other pet annual physical exam? Most owners haven’t, but there are actually lots of benefits of doing so.

Why Choose Dog and Cat Wellness Care?

Firstly, many common health problems in cats and dogs are actually preventable. Rather than waiting until a problem is obvious, where treatment is often no longer an option, you can get dog and cat wellness care to pick up on potential issues early. The earlier you catch a problem, the easier it is to treat them and prolong your pet’s life. While sometimes this means medication, other times it might mean dietary supplements or adjustments.

Secondly, the small price you pay for pet wellness care is nothing compared to the cost of fixing serious health problems - both financially and emotionally. When health conditions are left untreated, the solution is more expensive when professional care is finally given. You can save lots of money and an emotional rollercoaster with pet wellness care.

When Should Pet Wellness Care Begin?

When should you contact Dr. Vincent Guerrero D.V.M. and our fantastic mobile veterinary clinic? For kittens and puppies, we recommend visits at two months and then every few weeks to perform fecal testing, vaccinations, intestinal parasite deworming, and more. Then, as they grow, we suggest a dog physical exam or a cat physical exam once a year.

What Does Dog and Cat Wellness Care Involve?

When you choose this mobile veterinary clinic, the pet annual physical exam will include the following:

  • Ear Cleaning - It sounds simple, but cleaning the ears prevents ear infections and the buildup of wax (just as in humans!).
  • Vaccinations - For young pets, they need to be protected against parvovirus, rabies, and lots of other diseases. We can help to arrange a vaccine schedule so that they’re also protected from distemper, leptospirosis, respiratory disease, parainfluenza, and hepatitis.
  • Nail Trimming - Not just for aesthetics, nail trimming keeps your pet healthy and safe. It’s critical that an experienced professional treat the nails to prevent cutting into the blood supply to the nails.
  • Fecal Flotation - Here, Dr. Vincent Guerrero will check for worms and intestinal parasites. If a problem is identified, he will also deworm so that you have nothing to worry about.

After this, the dog's physical exam could include anal sac expression (empty) and other services. Ultimately, the goal is to help your pet to live a long and healthy life!

For an appointment to have the mobile vet service visit your home or place of business, call or text 954-609-4811.

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