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Cat and Dog Surgery

We provide patients with a calming and relaxing environment. Our mobile clinic is fully equipped to ensure your pet will have a safe procedure and you don't have to take them to a clinic with a crowded waiting room.

Home Veterinary Care of Fort Lauderdale
Mobile Dog and Cat Surgery

 As pet owners, we like to think that our furry friends will remain young and healthy forever. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and many pets experience horrible illnesses and diseases (as well as the side effects of the aging process). Thankfully, you have access to a reliable and professional mobile veterinary clinic led by Dr. Vincent Guerrero D.V.M.

As a mobile practice, we take your pet’s health seriously, especially where surgical anesthesia is necessary. For example, this might include spays, neuters, or wound repairs. Just because your pet is an animal, this doesn’t mean they deserve a lesser service or a poorer standard of care. We believe in offering a service that would be fit for humans because pets are a member of your family.

When you choose our mobile veterinary clinic, feel confident that we have advanced monitoring and anesthesia equipment. Therefore, you get the same experience as you would going to a land-based clinic. With state-of-the-art equipment and plenty of experience, Dr. Vincent Guerrero D.V.M. provides a high level of service to all pets in the comfort of your own office or home.

Dr. Vincent Guerrero With Patient

Mobile Vet Dr. Vincent Guerrero in van with white dog patient

What Surgery Can We Perform?

In truth, our procedures are extensive and cover the following:

  • Dental extractions and cleanings
  • Mass removals
  • Spays
  • Neuters

If you need help with anything, get in touch with Best Mobile Vet today. With our mobile practice, we’re able to carry all the equipment necessary for monitoring blood pressure, oxygen, CO2, body temperature, breathing, ECG, and heart rate. Using isoflurane, your pets have the same anesthetic used in human operations. Depending on the procedure, this means we can make small adjustments and keep your pet resting throughout the operation.

Mobile Vet Checking Cat That Is Wearing After-Surgery Cone

Mobile veterinarian examining cat that is wearing an after surgery cone

How Does It Work?

We do everything we can to keep your pet comfortable and happy throughout the experience. We’ve spoken in detail about the anesthetic, but this also includes things like warming blankets. By using blankets, we keep your pet at the optimal temperature. What’s more, we administer pain medication before the procedure in addition to after. With the right pain medication, your pet has the best route to recovery.


After the surgery, we’ll examine your cat or dog to assess their condition. If we’re happy, we’ll give you some advice to look after them in the coming days before leaving them to their recovery. One of the biggest benefits of a mobile practice is that everything happens at their own home; they aren’t taken by car to some strange new building and they aren’t forced to recover away from home comforts (including you!).


Sheltie Recovering From Surgery At Home

Sheltie with cone recovering from surgery with toy dog also with a cone

Mobile Veterinary Clinic - Best Mobile Vet

As a full-service mobile practice, Home Veterinary Care of Fort Lauderdale has everything required to perform routine surgery. This includes spays, neuters, and wound repairs. We also offer pain medication to keep your furry friends and some with no hair free from pain in the days after the operation. Feel free to get in touch with Dr. Vincent Guerrero D.V.M. today!



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